Pest Control Indianola

Pest Control Services in Indianola, Iowa

You can count on Miller Pest Control to take care of all your insects, rodents, every one of your pest control issues that may be a nuisance in or around your home or business. Our regular preventative services are designed to eliminate pests from your property and keep your home pest free all year. One reason we set ourselves from others is our all inclusive pest control program. It includes pests like moles, mice, rats, fleas, roaches, wasps, pantry pests, voles, and many others most companies would never consider including in their package. If you were to ever have a issue between services, we would return quickly to make sure you are taken care of.

Initial Inspection

Before we ever complete your pest control treatment, one of our highly trained professionals will perform a inspection of your home or business looking for possible conducive conditions and current pest activity. Once we complete our inspection, we will provide you with solutions customized to your unique situation.

Initial Treatment

During our first service of your home, we will complete a full interior and exterior service. We do this to eliminate pests currently in your home and to get a good grasp on any issues. During this service we will also:

  • Install rodent stations
  • Install termite monitors
  • Remove cob webs in and out
  • Interior treatment
  • Exterior treatment

After Your First Service

Once we complete your first service please let us know if you ever run across a issue between services and we would be glad to send our a technician to quickly solve any problem. Our follow up service will be completed two months later around the exterior. We preform these exterior services on regular schedules, because 99% of bugs enter the home through the exterior. It’s much better to be proactive and keep pests out then allow them inside. During this service we will also:

  • Inspect the exterior of your home
  • Remove cob webs
  • Treat the exterior of your home
  • Service rodent stations
  • Inspect termite monitors