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Local Exterminators In Fremont, Nebraska

Are you tired of ants, mice, and other pests taking over your Fremont, NE home or business? If so, Miller Pest & Termite is here to help! For over 20 years, our locally owned and family-operated pest control company has been providing effective and affordable pest control services in Fremont and throughout the Omaha metro. At the first sign of a pest problem, give us a call!

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Active Pests In Fremont, NE

Home Pest Control In Fremont, NE

Unfortunately, insects and rodents can damage homes and expose occupants to health and safety risks, especially if an infestation is allowed to grow. At Miller Pest & Termite, our goal is to protect people and property from pests and the problems they cause, and that’s why we offer year-round home pest control services in Fremont, NE.

With effective pest treatments and multiple service visits every year, homeowners can count on our reliable exterminators to keep pests away. For relief from ants, centipedes, spiders, and other house-infesting pests, choose Miller Pest & Termite. To get started, simply fill out the form below or give us a call! 

Fremont, NE Termite Control

To stop termites from attacking your home or business, contact Miller Pest & Termite! We offer effective termite control services in Fremont that include:

  • A thorough termite inspection
  • Installation of exterior termite baiting stations
  • Ongoing termite monitoring
  • Follow-up service to ensure the entire termite colony is exterminated
  • A termite re-treatment warranty

Contact us today if you’ve discovered termite damage, observed termites swarming on your property, or have identified other signs of termite activity!

For homeowners looking for long-term protection from termites and other house-infesting pests, we highly recommend signing up for our Miller GuardPlus plan.

  • interior pest treatment
  • exterior pest treatment
  • termite protection
  • interior pest treatment
  • exterior pest treatment
  • termite protection

Ongoing Home Pest & Termite Control Recommendation 

Miller GuardPlus

This program includes everything from the Miller Guard - PLUS termite control. When you choose this service, Miller will install HexPro® bait stations around the perimeter of your home to keep wood-destroying termites away.  

  • Ongoing Preventive Services
  • 32 Pests & Services Covered
  • Initial Premium Interior Application
  • Exterior Applications
  • Rodent Control 
  • Termite Coverage
  • Wasp Nest Removal
  • Cob-Web Removal
  • 1-Year Service Agreement

Starting at:
$6999A Month

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Additional Miller GuardPlus Details

Pests Covered: Asian Beetles, Boxelder Bugs, Carpenter Ants, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Clothes Moths, Drain Flies, Earwigs, Fleas, Fruit Flies, Grain Beetles, Hornets, House Ants, Indian Meal Moths, Mice, Millipedes, Pill Bugs, Rats, Roaches**, Silverfish, Spiders***, Stink Bugs, Wasps, Weevils, Yellow Jackets PLUS Termites

  • Pricing does not include initial fee
  • Must have credit card on file

**American, German & Oriental
*** Venomous & Non-venomous

Seasonal Mosquito Treatments In Fremont, NE

At Miller Pest & Termite, we fight mosquitoes, so property owners don’t have to. In fact, our seasonal mosquito control in Fremont includes an initial mosquito inspection to identify hot spots, an initial mosquito service to target adult mosquitoes and disrupt reproduction efforts, and monthly mosquito treatments from May through September to keep these pests from biting.

While you cannot completely stop mosquitoes from showing up on your property, our mosquito treatments drastically reduce the population all summer long and allow homeowners to enjoy their backyards without ending up covered in mosquito bites.

Rodent Control In Fremont, NE

Have you heard scratching or squeaking coming from your walls or ceiling, discovered mouse droppings in the kitchen or larger rodent droppings in the attic, or noticed other signs of rodent activity in or around your home or business? If you answered yes, contact Miller Pest & Termite for assistance! Our highly trained and fully licensed pest control specialists offer professional rodent control in Fremont that stops mice and rats from taking over.

Our rodent control services include:

  • A comprehensive rodent inspection
  • Rodent trapping and baiting
  • Minor rodent exclusion and repair work

What’s more, our rodent solutions are backed by Miller’s 100% satisfaction guarantee! To find out how we can help you solve your rodent problem with a customized treatment plan, reach out to the Miller team today!

Bed Bug Control In Fremont, NE

If you’ve woken up with bed bug bites, found a bed bug stowed away in your suitcase, or have discovered other signs of a bed bug problem, forget about DIY bed bug treatments and contact Miller Pest & Termite right away!

When you trust our team to get rid of bed bugs, we will:

  • Perform a bed bug inspection
  • Develop and implement a customized bed bug treatment
  • Provide a follow-up service within 30 days
  • Issue you a 90-day bed bug warranty

Contact us today for more information about our bed bug control in Fremont, or request a free quote below!

Fremont, NE Wasp & Hornet Control

Stinging insects like paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets are not only annoying but potentially dangerous and even destructive. If you’ve found a stinging insect nest attached to your home or built in an area that exposes your family to the possibility of being stung, contact Miller Pest & Termite today!

Our wasp and hornet control in Fremont includes:

  • A comprehensive inspection
  • Stinging insect removal
  • Follow-up service

While our experienced team has the tools and protective gear necessary to safely remove stinging insects and ensure that no one gets hurt in the process, we do not offer honeybee removal and will encourage you to contact a local beekeeper for help removing a hive.

Commercial Pest Control In Fremont, NE

If you’re searching for a pest management company in Fremont that specializes in commercial pest control, you’ve come to the right place! At Miller Pest & Termite, we are a QualityPro-certified company that offers proven solutions for insects and rodents that infest commercial and industrial facilities.

When you reach out to Miller, we will:

  • Discuss with key staff to learn more about pest concerns, sightings, and other details that will allow us to zero in on pest problems.
  • Conduct a detailed inspection of the facility and grounds to identify existing pest pressures, determine access points, and locate conducive conditions.
  • Implement a customized pest management plan that includes pest treatments for existing infestations and ongoing service to prevent new pest problems from developing.

Whether you’ve been shut down due to pest activity, aren’t quite satisfied with your current provider, or are a new business in town, Miller Pest & Termite is the smart choice. Get started today by completing the form below! 

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We’ve had Miller Pest Control regularly treat our home for over a decade now and love them! Excellent service, very professional & friendly team, and prompt customer service.
Emily G. - Des Moines

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