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Professional Pest Control In Elkhorn, NE

Miller Pest & Termite, a locally owned and family-operated pest control company, is ready to exterminate pest problems in Elkhorn homes and businesses. For more than 20 years, our team of highly trained and licensed pest control specialists have been eliminating ants, cockroaches, wasps, and other pests that infest properties in our region. If you’re searching for pest control services in Elkhorn, please reach out to Miller today.

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Active Pests In Elkhorn

Affordable Home Pest Control In Elkhorn, NE

At Miller Pest & Termite, we believe pest control should be accessible to everyone. That's why we offer three options when it comes to year-round home pest control services in Elkhorn; we want homeowners to choose the coverage that fits their needs and budget. No matter which plan you pick, you can relax knowing all three are family-friendly home protection plans that are tough on pests, but not a threat to people or pets. 

When you choose our local pest control team to protect your home against unwanted guests, you can rest assured knowing you will be receiving quality services in a timely manner. All of our residential plans include:

  • An initial inspection to find entry points and hiding places
  • Personalized treatment based on our findings
  • Complete removal of existing pests
  • Exterior treatment to create a protective barrier around the perimeter of your home

Request a pest control quote today and let us take care of your pest problems, no matter the season!

Elkhorn, NE Termite Control 

If you haven't crossed paths with termites, you aren’t missing out. If you’ve been unlucky enough to experience a termite infestation, you know they are difficult to get rid of. Though these pesky creatures are not harmful to humans, they have the potential to cause extensive damage to your home. Termites can cost you thousands of dollars and decrease your home value before you’re even aware of their presence. If you’ve been faced with a nasty infestation, seek termite treatment, and choose the right guys for the job.

At Miller Pest & Termite, we offer comprehensive termite control in Elkhorn that includes the use of the Sentricon® System. These termite bait stations have the technology to eliminate existing termite activity and prevent new colonies from establishing.  Sentricon is so effective because it not only targets foraging termites, it ensures the entire termite colony is eradicated including the queen!  It’s a system our exterminating company trusts, so much that we offer a termite warranty period that protects your investment in our services. If termites strike again, just know we’ll be there to make it right. 

  • pest control service indoors
  • exterior pest control service
  • Sentricon termite bait station installation & maintenance
  • pest control service indoors
  • exterior pest control service
  • Sentricon termite bait station installation & maintenance

Ongoing Home Pest & Termite Control Recommendation 

Miller GuardPlus

This program includes everything from the Miller Guard - PLUS termite control and solutions targeting ground squirrels and voles. When you choose this service, Miller will install Sentricon® bait stations around the perimeter of your home to keep wood-destroying termites away.  

  • Service Every Other Month*
  • 33 Pests & Services Covered
  • Initial Premium Interior Application
  • Exterior Applications
  • Insect & Rodent Control 
  • Year-Round Protection
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Termite Control
  • Ground Squirrels & Voles
  • 10% Off Bed Bug & Bat Bug Services

Starting at:
$6999A Month

Free Quote Or Call (515) 518-8864

Miller GuardPlus Shield

Additional Miller GuardPlus Details

Pests Covered: Asian Beetles, Boxelder Bugs, Carpenter Ants, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Earwigs, Fleas, Fruit Flies, Grain Beetles, Hornets, House Ants, Indian Meal Moths, Mice, Millipedes, Pill Bugs, Rats, Roaches**, Silverfish, Spiders***, Stink Bugs, Wasps, Weevils, Yellow Jackets PLUS Termites, Ground Squirrels & Voles

  • Pricing does not include initial fee
  • 2-year service commitment
  • Must have credit card on file

*Not including Jan/Feb
**American, German & Oriental
*** Venomous & Non-venomous

Mosquito Control In Elkhorn, NE

If there’s one thing that puts a damper on a warm summer day, it’s mosquitoes. One moment you’re enjoying the outdoors, and the next, you’re covered in red, itchy mosquito bites. On top of this, they can transmit dangerous diseases to your family and pets, putting them at risk. If you're ready to fight back against mosquitoes, contact Miller Pest & Termite today for seasonal mosquito control in Elkhorn! 

When you hire us to protect your family from mosquitoes, we'll stop by every month May through September to identify mosquito hotspots and treat accordingly. We'll not only spray mosquito resting sites like tall grasses and under decks, we'll treat areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed. While it's impossible to completely prevent mosquitoes from flying over your property lines, our mosquito services drastically reduce mosquito activity so that you can enjoy your yard. Don’t let mosquitoes drive you indoors, contact Miller Pest & Termite today!

Elkhorn, NE Bed Bug Control

When you think of bed bugs, you might associate them with lack of cleanliness, but that is certainly not the case. These biting insects can strike anywhere, at anytime, and they will make it their mission to go home with you. Removal can be nearly impossible if you attempt to do it on your own, so it’s crucial that you opt for professional bed bug treatment in Elkhorn. Never lose sleep again over bed bugs when you have our team on your side.  

When you trust our bed bug control in Elkhorn, we will:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection, searching every nook and cranny for bed bugs
  • Tailor our approach based on your home’s conditions
  • Carefully treat the affected rooms and install interceptors to monitor for future activity
  • Return within 30 days to ensure bed bugs haven’t made a comeback
  • Give you our 90-day warranty that includes free re-treatment if necessary

Ready for a good night's sleep free of bed bugs? Contact Miller Pest & Termite today!

Wasp & Hornet Control In Elkhorn, Nebraska

Stinging insects like wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets are dangerous to have around your home. Their stings can be painful or worse, trigger an allergic reaction that requires medical attention. If you've found a nest too close to your home or areas where your family spends time outdoors, do not attempt to remove the nest on your own. Instead, contact Miller for stinging insect control in Elkhorn. Our experienced team has the tools and protective gear necessary to safely remove stinging insects and ensure that no one gets hurt in the process.

Our stinging insect control in Elkhorn includes:

  • A comprehensive inspection
  • Stinging insect removal 
  • Follow-up service to ensure that we've successfully resolved your stinging insect problem

Miller Pest & Termite does not offer honey bee removal. Instead, we ask for you to work with local beekeepers to safely remove the hive.

Rodent Control In Elkhorn, NE

You don’t have to see a mouse in the house to know you have a mouse problem. Same with rats. In fact, there's a good chance you won't see rodents in your home (at least not at first) but you might hear them scratching in the walls or overhead in the ceiling. You may notice chew marks on packages of food in your pantry, or discover droppings in cupboards.  If this sounds familiar and you need help getting rid of mice or rats, contact Miller for the best rodent control in Elkhorn today!

Our rodent control service includes:

  • A top-to-bottom inspection of your home to identify the rodent and determine the severity of the infestation
  • An assessment of environmental factors that could lead to future infestations
  • A personalized rodent control plan that may include rodent trapping, exclusion and other proven strategies
  • Our satisfaction guarantee - if rodents are still hanging around your home after treatment and we’ll return within 24-48 hours at no extra cost to finish the job for good

At Miller Pest & Termite, our rodent exterminators won’t stop working for you until the last rodent is gone from your home. Reach out today to find out how our team can help you get rid of rodents for good! 

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We’ve had Miller Pest Control regularly treat our home for over a decade now and love them! Excellent service, very professional & friendly team, and prompt customer service.
Emily G. - Des Moines

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