20 Stinging Arthropods In Iowa

What Are They?

Miller Pest and Termite Control has assembled a list of 20 stinging/biting arthropods (bugs) that you might encounter in Iowa. Our list is broken down by size, how painful their sting or bite may be, and whether or not they might be a threat to your health. The amount of pain felt will vary from person to person. A person who is allergic to an arthropod’s sting or bite should seek medical attention promptly. Check out our pest control Indianola services.

ArthropodSizePain Meter
A Threat to Your Health?
*Unless Allergic*
Carpenter Ant
carpenter ant des moines
6-12 mm
Velvet Ants
velvet and des moines
18-21 mm
Bald Faced Hornet
bald faced hornet des moines
12-20 mm
Yellow Jacket Wasps
yellow jacket wasp des moines
12-20 mm
Paper Wasps
paper wasp des moines
2-3.5 cm
Spider Wasps
spider wasp des moines
2-3.5 cm
Honey Bees
honey bee des moines
Bumble Bees
bumble bee des moines
10-23 mm
Brown Recluse Spiders
brown recluse des moines
10-23 mm
Parson Spiders
Parson Spider Des Moines Iowa
8-13 mm
Yellow Sac Spiders
yellow sac spider des moines
5-10 mm
Bed Bugs
bed bug des moines
2-5 mm
Black Flies
black fly des moines
3-7 mm
mosquito des moines
1-2 mm
cat flea des moines
1-3 mm
Itch Mites
mite des moines
Lice Des Moines
2-3 mm
House Centipedes
house centipede transparent sized down
34-37 mm
Deer Ticks
deer tick des moines
2.5-3 mm
Water Bugs
water bug des moines
40-62 mm