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Bat Removal Des Moines, IA

Do you think you have a bats in your Des Moines home!?

Miller Pest & Termite offers bat inspection services year-round. Our certified technicians’ method of eviction begins with an inspection to identify and confirm bats are present. They will thoroughly review the exterior for existing & potential entry points of your home to guarantee full exclusion.

There are many different bat species located in Iowa. Some of you may not like having bats around, but they are actually beneficial to controlling flying insects around the exterior of your home. Bats have many natural predators, so they roost in high areas which unfortunately can be your home. This can lead to unwanted noises and become a growing nuisance. They are able to enter the living areas of your home if they find it more suitable as well. That’s where Miller Pest & Termite comes in!

Q&A About Bats In Des Moines:

How do I confirm that I have a bat?

  • It is best to leave that to the professionals so as not to disturb the bats’ habitat or their guano
  • Safety is a priority at Miller Pest & Termite and we don’t want you to come into contact with bats due to rabies concerns
  • If you have any health concerns you believe are attributed to bats please consult your family physician

What services do you provide?

  • We inspect and find openings bats are currently or potentially using for exterior entry
  • We place excluder materials and devices to inhibit re-entry

Why do I need eviction services?

  • Specific species of bats in Iowa can form maternity colonies, you might not have a big issue now, but as time goes by the issue can become a problem
  • Noises can be irritating
  • Bats may enter living space if the attic becomes inhospitable (cold, overpopulation, etc.)
  • As the problem grows so does damages around the home that can become unsightly

How can Miller help me?

  • Inspection is key to any bat eviction process. We need to gain access to the attic space to confirm bat presence or bat evidence
  • The use of excluder devices will help with maintaining the exterior so bats can exit the home but cannot re-enter after leaving.
  • We do not want to kill the bats, they are beneficial for maintaining insect populations

What kind of guarantee do you provide?

  • Warranty coverages available
  • Renewals on a yearly basis after warranty expiration can be purchased to keep up and maintain bat exclusion.
  • Damages around the home are assessed to make sure that our process is effective and bats do not find their way back in
  • Post-inspection, the technician will review damages and tailor solutions with you
  • Devices and products used are only of the highest quality here at Miller Pest and Termite

Miller Pest & Termite can help you effectively remove bats out of your home and keep them out for good!

Call us at 515-518-8864 and we can get it scheduled within the next 1-2 days following the call.